General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new regulation for the protection of privacy and personal data. On the basis of this regulation, an organization that works with personal data has certain obligations and the person whose data are has certain rights. This privacy statement is intended to inform you about your rights and our obligations that apply under the GDPR.


Various personal details of you can be processed in our office. This is necessary to help you find a home and draw up an agreement.

Your data

The information we have of you for a viewing

  • Your name, telephone number, address and / or email address
  • Information that must be submitted after a viewing

    The information we need after the viewing has taken place

  • An edited copy of your passport with throw your photo, digitally or handwritten for the house on ...... street
  • Pay slips of the last 3 months and / or employment contract and / or employer's statement
  • If you are an independent entrepreneur than the annual figures and / or tax return
  • In case of no acceptance, the data is immediately deleted permanently

  • The duties of Home by Theresa

    Home by theresa is, according to the GDPR, responsible for the processing of personal data. The office meets the obligations arising from this:

  • Your data is collected for specific purposes:
  • -To clarify your living requirements and call or e-mail you about this

    -To have the agreement of the landlord and draw up an lease

  • No processing takes place for other purposes.
  • You are informed of the fact that personal data is being processed by you.
  • Your personal data is well protected against unauthorized access.
  • Your personal data will not be kept longer than 5 years after the mediation has taken place or after the management has ended. We must keep the invoices for 7 years in accordance with the Tax Code. Due to liability, we must keep the e-mails for 20 years.

  • Your rights as a data subject

    You have the following rights:

  • The right to know whether and which personal data will be processed by you.
  • The right to inspect and copy these data (in so far as the privacy of another person is not harmed by this).
  • The right to correct, supplement or delete data if necessary.
  • The right to request (partial) destruction of your data. This can only be accommodated if the retention of the data for another is not of considerable importance and the data must not be retained on the basis of a statutory regulation.
  • The right to oppose the processing of your data in certain cases.

  • Provision of your personal data to third parties

    The only persons who receive your edited copy of the passport is the landlord and / or manager of the property.

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